As I have the kids keeping me busy with my free time when I get home from work, I find that I had to give up any hope of playing my MMOs ( and Star Trek Online is free now!).

I find I spend more and more time on my smartphone, I jump through hoops in a zombie apocalypse, run my own restaurant, play Scrabble, Boggle and any other firm of board game that can be wait-for-your-turn-based.

It’s not the ideal situation as I would like but with the free time I have available this will do.

The kids spend more time on my computer than I do and I can only see their time increasing as they get older. I suspect that I will be relegated to the phone or probably a tablet. If only they have the processor power to let me play the good stuff, I don’t get Angry Birds and fear that is the future of social gaming. Blog is based on WordPress platform, RSS tech , RSS comments design by Gx3.