Ape Escape Academy

I have to admit a decidedly ignorance in regards to previous Ape Escape games as I have not played them before, however, Ape Escape Academy I have played.

I must admit I have not played it beyond the 3 rd board as I am not skilled enough to play this throughout.

The game premise is basically Tic-Tac-Toe with mini-games. Considering the only mini-game I have any level of success is the one where you hold off the incoming arrows with your shield you can guess how I do with the other mini-games. My son does pretty well overall, since he’s only three right now you can guess where my ego sits when it comes to this game.

It keeps you busy on a game for game basis when you’re dealing with each board but if you expect any level of consistency when it comes to the difficulty factor you might be totally disappointed.

Then again, maybe I just suck at these type of games.

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